This makes it even more straightforward to get your blog up and running. Simply select a demo, import it, customize its presentation, then add your content. If you want to present your blog to the world in a clean and compelling way, you won’t be able to pass up the Cenote WordPress theme. How to create a WordPress website This free offering is designed specifically with blogs in mind and is quite easy to use as well. Setup is a cinch and it comes with several features that make the art of blogging just a little bit easier. Although this theme is free, there are also plenty of premium add-ons to choose from.

Once you install WordPress on your hosting, you’re ready to build your membership website. Some membership plugins, like Paid Member Subscriptions, also let you get creative with free trials, one-time signup fees, and promotional coupons/discounts. For example, the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin lets you restrict entire categories or types of content, as well as individual pieces of content. This lets you make sure every piece of content has proper access permissions. First, consider the ways in which you can restrict access to content. The core principle behind a membership site is being able to restrict access to some or all of your content, so it’s important your chosen plugin gives you a flexible way to do that.

Divi Page Builder Plugin

But this is mainly about the free version of the GeneratePress WordPress theme. This is impressive for any theme, and it comes into play when you’re trying to make your blog super fast. In addition, the GeneratePress theme has clean coding following the WordPress coding standards. Therefore, it’s compatible with all well-coded plugins, decreasing problems in the long run.

WordPress website examples

A regularly updated Twitter feed, school news and calendar makes this a dynamic and useful website for all visitors. The minimal number of menu choices make it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for and highlights the school’s fundraising and student recruitment efforts. A clean and simple style that uses colors and animations to highlight the younger grades that make up this school. This K-12 independent school in Wales presents a well-maintained and informative website for all members of the school community.

Best Examples Of Custom Websites Using WordPress

This digital downloads store is run by Karen Wild, and enables users to build their own personalised dog training manual based on the needs of their pet. Rodesk is the website of a newly created interaction agency who provide brand identity, concept design, web design and marketing campaign services for ? Digital creative agency Gladeye has developed a site for the iconic New Zealand brand 42Below Vodka. Interactive director Tarver Graham explains, “42Below is one of the coolest brands in the entire world. So you could say we felt a little bit of pressure to deliver on design. Hundreds of thousands of Divi users have built millions of Divi websites.

As part of the Disney brand, the Star Wars blog follows suit and uses WordPress to handle the influx of traffic it surely sees on a daily basis. Everyone is on the edge of their seats awaiting the release of the latest Star Wars installment, in December 2019. Check out best examples of custom websites using WordPress as their content management system that break the traditional of using 2 or 3 columns blog designs. Bluelounge designs and creates innovative and sleek products that support the customers’ digital lifestyle including cable management, chargers, iPhone/iPad accessories and soft goods. The other big expense for custom websites is adding features and functionality.

WordPress website examples

On the surface, this custom-themed WP site is actually pretty simple and light. Microsoft News is a blog that clearly takes advantage of the masonry grid layouts for its news articles. It also happens to be built on the WordPress platform, making it simple to achieve this layout. I hope we don’t have to explain why an internationally recognized brand like Microsoft made it on this list.

If you are looking for some inspiration, take a look at some of our favorite Divi website examples below. Now that you’ve got a good sense of the difference between recurring and one-time costs, let’s take a look at some actual websites and their cost breakdowns. For simple websites, you might be dealing directly with a freelancer who takes your project all the way to completion. In general, freelancers like this will charge between $25 and $150 per hour based on their experience level. If you aren’t relying on a free template or customizing your own website design, you will run into one-time costs that will need to be taken into consideration.

For example, social media buttons are there for connecting with people through outlets like Facebook and Twitter. Share some of your other posts in a list format, and explain a little about yourself in a small module in the sidebar. Although it’s intended specifically for photographers, PhotoFocus is flexible enough to work with other types of websites, such as business sites and blogs. It also includes various layout options, a featured slider and featured content area, header media, and more.

Forklift Training Centre Website Built In WordPress

Let’s finish things out with a look at how to create your own membership website using WordPress and the Paid Member Subscriptions plugin that we mentioned above. As the name says, the platform offers a quote maker and generator tool, that turns any piece of text into licensed graphics for social media web and print. In this post, we’ll inspire you with some real-life examples of successful membership websites. Then, you can open up your membership community for free, charge for access, or mix and match the two strategies by offering different content to free vs paid members.

The Cranky flier uses Cambay’s theme, and it’s essentially a rather simple blog with an easy-to-navigate user interface. It’s not one of the most stylish sites, but it’s a great example of how WP sites come in all shapes and sizes. Yelp reviews tend to land on the front page of Google search results, making it an ideal place to gather positive feedback for your online business. But little did you probably know that Yelp itself uses the SEO-optimized WordPress platform .

It has helped people all over the world to organize and store their most important information. With over 225 million people using Evernote, in more than 25 different languages, it just goes to show that little old WordPress can handle the big name brands. Alanis Morissette is a Canadian-American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actress. She is best known for her rock album,Jagged Little Pill, that sold 33 million copies globally. If you want to learn more about her or her music, media, or events, and/or buy merchandise check out her website .

  • At the end of this guide, you will be able to determine how much your website should cost and the best way to build it.
  • You can download the popular game right from its website for your device.
  • The unlimited accent colors and widget areas improve the building experience, and the ten post formats add variety to your site as people scroll through your content.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling mobile apps or gardening services, this is the market standard for the way you should present your business online.

Global Art Directory website built in WordPress with Oxygen, Gridbuilder and ACF Pro. WordPress is so big that it’s used by 44% of all websites that adapt CMS technologies. Rackspace is a well-known hosting company for enterprises that need lots of server space and room to scale. And you can bet Rackspace itself needs the same, which is why it relies on the power, flexibility, and scalability of the WordPress CMS. A high-quality school website can make a strong first impression for all members of the community. Beyond the homepage is a well-maintained blog with information about school events.

Beautiful WordPress Website And Blog Examples

The E&E agency mostly works in the music industry, but has been known to flex its considerable talents in other areas of the digital realm. When it came to crafting its award-winning site, WordPress ticked all the boxes. International luxury fashion destination Harvey Nichols was created by digital agency Pod1. Olly Sorsby is a student who’s just breaking into the world of web design. Olly’s portfolio site enables him to show off his work and introduce himself to the wider community. If you’re looking to build your website yourself, click here to start with PageCloud for free.

Successful Membership Website Examples + How To Create Your Own

Then, most agencies will charge a retainer fee that covers the costs of hosting and managing the website (software updates, etc.). This can be a good option for business owners who have a budget for their website and don’t want to be too hands on. With Wix, you get full control over your design without using any code.

EStore is exactly what it’s same suggests, a WordPress theme designed for your own online store. This theme is multi-functional in every way and gives users flexibility for creating their online store. TheHueman theme is a highly rated free theme that you can find directly from the WordPress theme library. The fully responsive theme works well for all blogs and magazines, and it has a header and footer for placing widgets with ease. The unlimited accent colors and widget areas improve the building experience, and the ten post formats add variety to your site as people scroll through your content.

Design The Planet

Open new marketing opportunities — beyond potentially selling your existing premium content, you also have a ready-made audience to sell new content/products or affiliate offers. Hopefully, browsing the sites listed above got your creative juices flowing. If that’s the case, I encourage you to start your WordPress adventure and create a website that will blow your visitors away.

The Madd Magazine theme features a stunning grid-based layout, which is perfect for any online magazine website. You can easily share popular and featured stories from multiple categories. Thanks to several ad areas on the site, you can easily monetize your website with third-party ads. The theme also supports video and audio posts so you can share news in various formats. Moving on, the theme delivers a beautiful responsive layout, with a wide range of backend and frontend features.

The site uses a simple color structure and is pretty well optimized. The Round Rock school district uses content syndication tools to post news and announcements across multiple school and district sites all at once. Onto our showcase of ten inspiring school websites, all powered by WordPress. Our next site is a showcase for Guy Gyngell, a music producer/songwriter. Brad James is a self-described “mild mannered designer and art director” based over in New South Wales, Australia. Although he works for agency, iQmultimedia, James has set up as his own online identity named Captain Creative.

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